Family fun... meeting and hanging out with relatives from Viginia

I have been very fortunate to have recently made contact with relatives that I have not previously known. The Reyes clan is quite large and my cousin's Lulu, Tina, Pia, Myza, Cecile, Mej, Victor, and Sylvia (who I am still waiting to meet in person) have been a lot of fun getting to know. Very down to earth and a great experience. I can't believe that we haven't had contact until now... blame it on the elders. I got to meet Lulu and Tina several months back -- a lot easier since they live in California.

My 2nd Blog Post

Time for the 2nd blog post to test out this module. I am sure that there is bound to be much time and brain power spent on tweeking the little features that will be necessary to have a smooth interface for this website. On top of the complexity of Drupal is the decisions for how the site should be laid out and the themes and the possible tweeking of themes... well what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Yay...More Features on

So... I have been filling my head with more useful Drupal knowledge and have enabled the blog module and the forum module on which I imagine will be used by multiple users sometime down the road. This is my initial test post for a blog entry.

Welcome To

This site is currently "under construction" -- please stay tuned.

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